Too Hot to Handle?

Zach: Hell's Handlers MC Book 1


After choosing a path that nearly destroyed her, Toni pledges to find a man who is steady and honorable. Unfortunately, that promise leads to years of bland relationships. Bland isn't a word anyone would use to describe Zach, the enforcer for the Hell's Handlers MC. He stirs up every desire Toni has worked so hard to suppress. Is there any chance Toni will be able to resist Zach's pull when her past mistakes collide with his current enemies?

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Exciting New Series: Trident Ink

Escapades: Trident Ink Book 1


Tragedy can shake any couple, even those whose bond seems unbreakable. When the unimaginable happens to Alyssa and Derek, their lives head in opposition directions. Sick of lonely days and cold nights, Alyssa enlists the help of someone who specializes in just her type of problem. From there, a plan is developed to reunite the couple that’s either crazy hot or just plain crazy.

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No Prisoners MC Romance

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About the author

Lilly Atlas is an award winning contemporary romance author. She’s a proud Navy wife and mother of three spunky girls. Every time Lilly downloads a new ebook she expects her Kindle App to tell her it’s exhausted and overworked, and to please give it some rest. Thankfully that hasn’t happened yet so she can often be found absorbed in a good book.